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Waning Crescent
Lunar Phase:
Waning Crescent

During this period, give in to relaxation and reflection. Go within yourself to reconnect with inner sources of strength. Now is NOT a time to begin new projects. This is a phase better suited to spending time with friends and seeing the bigger picture. A window of opportunity exists for seeing your life objectively and becoming aware of what is important to you. Question your dreams and aspirations. Spend the time to focus on larger goals you can aspire to that will bring vitality and excitement into your life. In preparation for the New Moon Cycle, rest and accumulate inner strength.

Lunar Sign:

Social consciousness takes precedence while the Moon is traveling through Aquarius, as there is an interest in the welfare of others. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Although people will be friendly, it will be from a distance. A love for the innovative and unconventional is indicative of Uranus, which also brings the desire for freedom. Many will insist on the freedom to come and go without restrictions, and are now searching for freedom in expressing their thoughts and their personal uniqueness. Remember that others are operating from intellectual rather than emotional motivations. Aquarius rules the ankles, the circulation, the electrical forces in the body and the nervous system.

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