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Waning Gibbous
Lunar Phase:
Waning Gibbous

Transformation is key during this period. All of the prior elements are coming together for a final burst of creative output. You have seen a clear view of your own needs and those of others. Now the gathering of that input is leading to a fundamental change within you. In this phase, you will naturally be inclined to seek higher guidance so that you can complete this transformation successfully. This Moon Phase favors sharing what you have learned with others, and learning from them as well.

Lunar Sign:

Has the travel bug bitten you? While the Moon passes though Sagittarius, the itch to travel needs scratching. Sagittarius’ influence also may bring about a feeling of idealism, or a sense of discontinuity, restlessness, desire for sports and adventures, and a love of change and motion. With Sagittarius being ruled by expansive Jupiter, people will be warm and friendly, and likely feel impulsive, whimsical, intuitive, and easily enthusiastic. However, they may also have a strong need for independence and feel unable to endure restrictions. It is a good time for more erudite or academic affairs, for dealing with institutions of learning, or for promoting our ideas through publishing, lecturing, or writing. The Moon in Sagittarius brings a philosophical influence and stimulates our higher aspirations for self-improvement. Sagittarius rules the thighs and the hips.

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